L'école 100% Couture


Isabelle Cattelat

Creador-Administrador de lamaisondedouture, Jefe de colecciones y taller Especializado in textiles Gerente de los seminarios: “Conocimiento textil” “Moda contemporanea”

Fabienne Thomas

Fabienne Thomas has been teaching pattern making for more than 20 years; Fabienne has collaborated with many clothing brands especially for children (Max and Lola)

Svetlana Kiseolova

Svetlana Kiseolova is a highly experienced seamstress/modeler, specializing in high-end tailoring; ;; she is responsible for the seminars: “Chanel Jacket” “Tailoring” “Evening Dress” “Bridal Dress” “Lace”

Alphonsine Ingabire

Alphonsine has a degree in Business and Management, specializing in marketing; Since June 2020, she has been responsible for the development of the school and the recruitment. Contact Alphonsine: CollectionsmdcBruxelles@gmail.com  

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