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About us

La Maison de Couture is a fashion design school in Brussels specializing in the creation of evening gowns and wedding dresses. For the past 1 year, she has been collaborating with Kenny Damian, an embroidery artist, and offers embroidery classes open to all. Embroidery classes are organized in 2024?

an embroidery class in Brussels

Embroidery has always been a fundamental component of exceptional garments in every culture. That’s why La Maison de Couture has decided to offer an embroidery course to help enthusiasts learn the art of embroidery. The embroidery course in Brussels is an exclusively needlework art course.

An embroidery class for an introduction to Art embroidery?

Embroidery has always been a part of women’s lives, not only in Europe. In many countries, embroidery is a men’s craft. Embroidery is back in vogue and gradually losing its old-fashioned image. Unlike classic embroidery, the embroidery course offered by La Maison de Couture is designed for people who are fascinated by Haute Couture creations and aware of the difficulties involved in executing them.

A fun way to discover embroidery?

The embroidery courses in Brussels offered by La Maison de Couture have a dual objective. The first is to introduce the uninitiated to the art of embroidery in a light-hearted, fun way. The embroidery course in Brussels, for example, lasts just three days. Fast and long at the same time. the 2nd objective is to give initiates the opportunity to improve and go further.


How many people can take part in the embroidery course?

The embroidery class is limited to 10 people. It only takes place once a year. So don’t delay in registering.

How long does the embroidery course in Brussels last?

The embroidery course in Brussels lasts 3 days of 6 hours. These days take place on the Fridays of April, April 5, 12 and 19.

Are materials supplied?

The material must be purchased by the student at the beginning of the first embroidery course in Brussels. Students who already have an embroidery hoop or loom can consider working with their own equipment.

can you get a diploma?

La Maison de Couture does not issue diplomas, but certificates of completion of embroidery courses.

what is the embroidery course program?

On each day, the teacher teaches different embroidery techniques and stitches: sequins, beads, ribbon embroidery, etc.

Who is the teacher in charge of the embroidery class?

La Maison de Couture collaborates with embroidery expert Kenny Damian. You can follow his news on his website https://www.kennydamian.be/

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