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Advanced Diploma (MA) in Luxury, Made-to-Measure and Haute Couture



The advanced diploma “Luxury and Haute Couture” is aimed at students or young professionals who want to create their own brand, or set up as an independent couturier/model maker/stylist. It lasts one year.

The teaching program focuses on bridal and evening wear.

The teaching program combines the realization of personal projects and models imposed by the school. Admission to this study program is based on an individual interview. Not open to beginners

Course organisation

The aim of the Luxe et Haute Couture diploma is to specialize in the design and production of made-to-measure wedding gowns and evening dresses.

Fashion design, draping and patternmaking workshop

A Fashion design, draping and Patternmaking workshop where the student designs his own creations, design his/her models in 3D by manipulating materials and draping directly on the dummy, develop the pattern and the calicot for the models, which he/she then sew in the fabrics of his choice.

Haute Couture Dressmaking workshop

A sewing/dressmaking haute couture workshop where the student assembles different models of evening gowns and wedding dresses in materials considered difficult, in order to acquire the expertise necessary for the realization of demanding models.

Tailoring workshop

The Tailoring workshop meets twice a year. A first workshop on Chanel tailor jacket in the form of a one week seminar. A second workshop still on the form of a one week seminar on the Tailor jacket. Dates are indicated on the school website at the beginning of the academic year (October).

Fashion drawing

Students who wish to do so can take part in 3 complementary workshops:

Fashion drawing workshop: 1,200 euros

Embroidery workshop: 400 euros

Hat and head fascinators workshop: 1,200 euros




ING: 363-0681393-08 –
IBAN: BE63363068139308 – BIC: BBRUBEBB

For international payments, the transfer fees are the responsibility of the student.

Registration fee: this covers general administrative costs as well as personal insurance taken out by La Maison De Couture in the event of an accident on school premises.


Return the entire file to:
La maison de couture – Admissions – 211 Blvd Auguste Reyers – 1030 Brussels.


En Belgium, private schlool are not authorized to deliver state diplomas. The diplomas issued by La Maison De Couture are certificates attesting to the student’s success in the subjects taught as part of the program.

Materials included

Model shooting at the end of the year.
Cutting paper.

Materials and other costs to be borne by the student.

Other supplies used to make the models (threads, interlinings, zips, buttons, etc.)
– The calico fabric.
– The STOCKMAN dummy
– Sewing and Patternmaking materials
– Fabrics (exclusively top-of-the-range natural materials) for project realization.


In Belgium, individual insurance is mandatory.
Students must therefore enroll in the individual insurance plan (called a mutuelle in Belgium) of their choice.
In the event of a health problem, he can then consult a doctor and be reimbursed a large part of the medical expenses incurred.

Foreign students from the E.U.E. will first contact the social security institution of their country (European card) and then a Belgian mutual insurance company of their choice.
Medical expenses will be reimbursed directly without delay. Only a mandatory additional contribution is required.

Course location:

Courses are held in Brussels at 211 Boulevard Auguste Reyers, 1030 Brussels.

Contact us:

Ms Isabelle Cattelat

tel: 0495777617




Registrations take place all year round. All courses can be taken “à la carte”.

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