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Fashion design training in Brussels


About us

La Maison de Couture is a fashion design school in Brussels. It has been in existence since 2010. Initially based on Avenue Louise est, it is now located near Rond Point Montgomery, next to Square Vergote. Its teaching program focuses on formal wear and, more generally, exceptional garments, of which wedding gowns are an important part.

Fashion design training in Brussels

Fashion design training at La Maison de Couture is for everyone; whether you’re a beginner or already more experienced, you’ll find all the support you need to take your work to the next level. To become a stylist in the extremely competitive field of haute couture, you need to combine a number of talents; in the field of design, of course, but also in many other areas such as fabrics, accessories, styles, etc.

A highly specialized fashion design course in Brussels

There are many fashion design courses in Brussels and elsewhere. What’s so special about this course and is it right for you? The special feature of this course is that from the outset, it focuses on the evening and bridal sectors. In the first year, the student learns to handle and recognize quality materials, and orientates all his creations around the use of exceptional materials whose full potential he learns to exploit to the full.

Who is this fashion design course for?

Our fashion design course is aimed primarily at students who are interested in the world of eveningwear and weddings, and who want to translate their creative potential into the very special world of eveningwear and weddings. Our fashion design training program in Brussels enables students to become skilled in both creative and technical areas, such as patternmaking and sewing.


do you have to know how to draw to enroll in a fashion design course in brussels?

Quite often, students have already tried to translate their ideas into sketches. Drawing is not essential to creation, but it is a useful tool; as such, fashion drawing is part of stylist training.

what skills do I need if I want to enroll in a Fashion design course in brussels?

If you’re patient, if you pay attention to detail, if you’re sensitive to beauty in general, fashion design is the course for you.

what are the opportunities for training in Fashion design in brussels?

As this is a very comprehensive course, both creatively and technically, the opportunities are numerous: you can work in a luxury ready-to-wear company targeting the luxury market segment, or open your own couture house and offer your own designs.

When does the next course start?

Fashion design training in Brussels begins in October and ends in June; it lasts 2 years with a year of specialization. students who wish to do so can try to join the course during the year; remedial courses will be offered;

is it possible to register?

Yes, it’s still possible to enroll in the Fashion design course in Brussels; enrolments take place all year round, and some modules take place once a year and can be taken independently.

Are the teachers professionals?

Professors specialize in teaching; the Fashion design program also calls on guest lecturers from time to time to share their experience with students.

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