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About us

La Maison de Couture is a private fashion design school specializing in Haute Couture. It offers fashion design courses in Brussels for people who are passionate about Haute Couture and wish to take fashion design courses to become a stylist in a Haute Couture house, creating exceptional gowns and wedding dresses.

A fashion course in Brussels

What does the fashion course offered by La Maison de Couture consist of? The fashion course in Brussels offered by La Maison de Couture provides comprehensive instruction in the 3 main areas of Fashion design, Patternmaking and Sewing, with particular emphasis on the finishing techniques used in Haute Couture.

How does this fashion course in Brussels work?

The fashion course offered by La Maison de Couture basically takes place over 3 years. Of course, it’s also possible to follow the different years of the fashion course independently of each other. The fashion course offers three levels of training. A beginner level, an intermediate level and an expert or advanced level.

A fashion course to discover the secrets of the great ateliers

For Haute Couture enthusiasts, discovering the secrets behind the creation and production of the great fashion houses is an absolute dream. This dream is now possible thanks to our fashion course in Brussels specializing in Haute Couture. The Brussels fashion course teaches you the most delicate and refined finishes for each of the high-end fabrics used.


The fashion course is effectively “à la carte”; the year of training must correspond to the candidate’s level. If you already have a good level, you can go straight on to the next level of the fashion course.

what is the fashion course program?

The Fashion Design course offers tutorials in sewing, patternmaking, fashion design, drawing and embroidery in the first two years, and free courses in the 3rd year. In the fashion course, 3rd year students have the freedom to create the models of their choice.

Does the fashion course focus solely on blur?

The fashion course does indeed specialize in flou, but the suit jacket and Chanel jacket are part of the 3rd year fashion course curriculum.

What types of projects can be carried out in the fashion course?

In the Brussels fashion course, student projects are mainly evening gowns, wedding dresses and jackets. However, the fashion course is a complete course covering all types of clothing, including pants.

How much does a fashion course in Brussels cost?

The price of a fashion course in Brussels may vary according to the courses chosen. You can choose to take a more technical course in sewing and patternmaking, or a more creative course in fashion design and drawing.

The annual registration fee is 3,500 euros.

How long does the fashion course in Brussels last?

The fashion course in Brussels takes place every week for 30 weeks. 

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