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Embroidery workshop in Brussels


About us

La Maison de Couture is a private fashion design school in Brussels. It was founded by Isabelle Cattelat and Fabienne Thomas, both passionate about design and textiles. For several years now, she has been based near Rond Point Montgomery in a mansion near Square Vergote. Among the training courses offered by La Maison de Couture, a Higher diploma (DS) in Fashion design in two years, a advanced diploma (MA) in luxury, made-to-measure and haute couture (eq3rd year) in 1 year, an embroidery internship in Brussels, a sewing internship, à la carte sewing course and Patternmaking.

Embroidery is back in fashion. Perceived as “old fashion” for several decades, it has resurfaced in recent years. The embroidery course organized by La Maison de Couture meets the demand of students enrolled at La Maison de Couture, and that of everyone else, expressed on many occasions during our various training courses.

What does the embroidery course involve?

The embroidery workshop in Brussels is organized in the Maison de Couture workshop. For the embroidery course, the workshop is reorganized to make room for the embroidery looms supplied by the teacher. At the beginning of the embroidery course, the student learns how to assemble the loom, i.e. how to stretch the fabric inside the frame. During the embroidery workshop, the teacher teaches various needlepoint and crochet stitches from Lunéville.

What skills do I need to take part in an embroidery workshop?

You don’t need to know how to sew or have any previous experience to take part in an embroidery workshop. All you need is motivation and a general love of needlework. Embroidery requires patience and concentration.


When does the embroidery workshop take place?

The embroidery workshop is organized every year. This year it takes place in April on the first 3 Fridays of April 2024.

Can I register at any time?

Yes, you can register for the embroidery course at any time. Please note, however, that the course is limited to 10 participants. Don’t wait!

how long does the embroidery course last?

The embroidery course lasts 3 days spread over 3 weeks. This allows you to practice from one week to the next, so you can take full advantage of the embroidery course.

who is responsible for the course?

The embroidery workshop is led by Kenny Damian. Kenny is a professional embroiderer who works with numerous institutions. He is an experienced teacher who masters a wide range of techniques.

how much does the embroidery workshop cost?

The embroidery course costs 300 euros. This price does not include the purchase of the embroidery loom or supplies, which must be purchased separately. Find out more…

Is the embroidery course in French?

The teacher is of Dutch origin. The official language of the course is English

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