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Sewing course in Brussels


About us

Are you looking for a school that specializes in Haute Couture, eveningwear, bridal gowns and special occasions? La Maison de Couture is the school for you.

Isabelle Cattelat and Fabienne Thomas, two passionate lovers of beautiful things, founded the company in Brussels in 2010. Noting the growing emphasis on marketing and fast fashion, Fabienne and Isabelle wanted to offer a new-style workshop where quality and craftsmanship take precedence.

La Maison de Couture offers training courses in fashion design, sewing and patternmaking, as well as courses in sewing, design and fashion.

A sewing course in Brussels

The sewing course in Brussels is open to beginners. Those who have never dared to try their hand at sewing will be able to get to know the art of sewing and make their first piece. The sewing course in Brussels is also open to people with a good level of sewing who wish to improve their skills.

How does the sewing course in Brussels work?

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the sewing course in Brussels follows the same format. Before the start of the course, or when you register, you choose the model you’d like to sew, according to your taste and level. You then choose your fabric and the teacher guides you through the design process.

A sewing course in Brussels and then?

Taking a sewing course is a great way to practice sewing without making a long-term commitment. Sewing may not be for you, and it would be a shame to have to continue attending classes without being enthusiastic. On the other hand, taking a sewing course can give you a real hands-on experience and inspire you to continue your apprenticeship. In this case, the year-round courses will enable you to go further.


Can I bring my own pattern to the sewing course?

As the name suggests, the sewing course concentrates on learning how to sew. If you’d like to bring along a pattern, you’ll need to make sure it’s the right one by making a fitting canvas beforehand.

The sewing course takes place during the school vacations. If you’re interested, we suggest you write or phone us to obtain the dates for 2024.

As a general rule, we offer courses lasting 5 consecutive days. You can choose to take part in the sewing course for the whole duration, or just for a few days. The tariff is adjusted accordingly.

Can I get a certificate?

This is the case. All participants in the sewing course automatically receive a certificate of attendance.

how much does the sewing course cost?

The sewing course and all courses at La Maison de Couture cost 100 euros per day, i.e. 500 euros for the duration of the course.

Is the number of participants limited?

All courses at La Maison de Couture are limited to 6 participants.

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