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Fashion workshop in Brussels


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Based in Brussels since 2010, La Maison de Couture is a private school specializing in Haute Couture. Since its creation, it has offered a wide range of training courses, from diplomas to fashion internships in Brussels. It welcomes students of all levels.

A fashion workshop in Brussels

To promote its training courses, La Maison de Couture offers a fashion workshop for all ages during the school vacations. This fashion workshop in Brussels is open to all. Whether you’re a teenager, student or professional, a fashion internship in Brussels is a unique opportunity to discover the world of fashion.

What does the fashion workshop in Brussels involve?

The world of fashion fascinates, but how much do we really know about what goes on behind the scenes? if you take part in La Maison de Couture‘s fashion workshop, you’ll learn how garments are imagined, and the stages involved in making a garment, from the design phase through to marketing. You’ll also discover the different fashion professions. A fashion internship is an essential step for anyone wishing to enter the fashion industry.

A fashion internship in Brussels is the ideal way to get to know the world of fashion. During this course, you’ll have the opportunity to visit Belgian brand boutiques, visit garment workshops, meet production managers… and also try your hand at Patternmaking, sewing and fashion design on the computer.


Do I need any prior knowledge to register for the fashion workshop?

The fashion workshop is open to all. You don’t need to know how to sew or draw to sign up for the fashion workshop. All you need is an interest in the field and a desire to find out more.

The fashion workshop in Brussels takes place during the spring and summer school vacations. Contact us from January 2024 to obtain the precise dates.

The fashion course lasts 3 days. The first day is devoted to sightseeing. a 2nd to the discovery of drawing and design, and a 3rd to patternmaking and sewing.

Is it possible to carry out a project as part of a fashion internship in Brussels?

The fashion workshop in Brussels is a short, introductory course. So it’s not possible to make a complete garment in so few days. Nevertheless, the course leader will suggest several accessories that you can modify to your inspiration and make yourself. You’ll go home with your own creation!

How much does a fashion workshop in Brussels cost?

The registration fee for the fashion workshop in Brussels is 350 euros. It is limited to 6 participants.

Is it possible to combine the fashion design course with the fashion internship?

It is indeed possible and even recommended to combine the two courses. The fashion internship is an introduction to the fashion industry, while the fashion design internship is an introduction to the fashion design profession; they are therefore complementary.

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