L'école 100% Couture

Sewing school
in Brussels


About us

A sewing school in Brussels created in 2010 by two enthusiasts: Isabelle Cattelat, a convinced European who has lived in Brussels since the late 80s, and Fabienne Thomas, a Patternmaking and molding teacher since the early 90s. Together, they created a couture school in Brussels for lovers of luxury and beautiful materials.

A sewing school in Brussels

Why Brussels? Brussels is the capital of Europe, alongside other capitals such as Strasbourg and Luxembourg. It’s an international capital where many different nationalities live side by side, contributing their wealth and diversity.

What courses does our fashion school in Brussels offer?

Our sewing school offers daytime and evening courses. We offer daytime courses for expert seamstresses who want to become more professional. So our MA Luxury and Haute Couture focuses on made-to-measure, tailored jackets and wedding dresses.

But if you’re just starting out, you can also take part in courses at our Brussels sewing school; in this case, we offer a two-year course, also during the day, which includes Fashion design, sewing and Patternmaking.

What are the career opportunities at a dressmaking school?

This is an important question, as globalization has led to the disappearance of most production plants based in Europe. So why learn to sew? We have found that most garment manufacturers, even if they have most of their production carried out outside Europe, have maintained in-house prototype workshops where models are designed and selected. This is an important outlet for La Maison de Couture students who, during their training at our couture school, learn how to assemble models professionally.


What sewing courses does La Maison de Couture in Brussels offer?

La Maison de Couture offers 3 main sewing courses: beginner, intermediate and expert.

how long does it last?

It’s up to you to decide what you want to learn and how much time (and budget) you can devote to it.

what is the minimum level?

There is no minimum or maximum level; courses at our sewing school in Brussels are adapted to your level; it’s just the programs that are different and the number of hours of lessons taken.

Do you organize an open house?

We organize open days at the beginning of each school year. Afterwards, you’re free to come and take one of our courses, simply by booking in advance. It’s also an opportunity to discover our different programs and decide which course you’d like to join: intermediate (2nd year) or advanced (3rd year).

What are the haute couture training courses?

At our couture school in Brussels, we offer three haute couture modules: a made-to-measure module, a tailored jacket module and a wedding dress module.

How much does EN COUTURE cost?

For the higher diploma in Fashion design and couture, tuition costs €5,900 for the 1st year and €6,400 for the 2nd year.

For Haute Couture modules, the price of each module is 2300 euros.

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