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A 100% Haute Couture Programme


The Maison de Couture is a very special place, opened to Haute Couture enthusiasts. Stop dreaming and take the plunge. If you want to discover the pleasure of handling high-end fabrics, if you want to learn how to imagine and create unique garments that reflect your personality, this place is for you!

A training in Fashion design, patternmaking and sewing to learn how to design and create exceptional garments such as skirts, dresses, blouses, bustiers, pants and evening gowns, using top-of-the-range fabrics. It is open to all, even beginners, and last two years.

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An expert training course for the more experienced, focusing on the development and creation of made-to-measure formal wear, evening gowns and wedding dresses.

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I love sewing and I love fashion in general; this school is very focused on sewing and the classes are almost private lessons; here the teacher follows our work step by step, which is what I was looking for ;

I've always wanted to join the team of a well-known brand, and I know that this kind of dream requires exceptional qualities, as positions are very rare. Even though I've finished school, I continue to work on exceptional projects because I know that's what I'm good at; I'm precise and I have the patience that Haute Couture demands.
I love handmade work, and unique pieces that contain embroidery. For example, I made a dress that required 300 muslin flowers, and right now I'm finalizing a project for which I'm going to use 40 m of Japanese tulle and off-white Korean organza for a wedding dress; I'm Thai, and of course I'm interested in sourcing materials in Asia.

Aditep Namchan, Graduated in 2023.
Advanced Diploma in Luxury and Haute Couture

If you don’t have the time to take a course in its entirety, you can decide to attend each of our courses independently. We offer courses in sewing, patternmaking, fashion design, drawing, accessories and tailoring. For beginners or advanced.


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What training courses does La Maison de Couture offer?

La Maison de Couture offers two training courses:

– Training in fashion design, patternmaking and sewingopened to beginners

Tailor-made training, Luxury and Haute Coutureis a 1-year course designed for people who already have an advanced level of sewing and Patternmaking.

What are the main courses?

The main subjects taught are: Patternmaking, draping,sewing, Fashion design, hand and computer drawing, 3D patternmaking and embroidery.

Can I only register for 1 course?

Apart from diplomas, courses are “à la carte”. It is possible to register for any of the courses; to do so, please refer to the à la carte menu tab.

Do I need to know how to sew?

Some La Maison de Couture courses are open to beginners. For example, you don’t need to know how to sew to register for the Fashion design and sewing diploma, nor for beginner-level sewing or Patternmaking courses.

How can I find out more about La Maison de Couture?

We organize several open days in February, April, late June and September. Dates are announced on our website. Apart from these days, you can sign up for a Discovery Day at any time of the year. The day is entirely free of charge. During this discovery day, we introduce you to sewing or Patternmaking through the realization of a short project. It’s also on one of these days that we’ll be able to assess your level and guide you towards a particular level of training.

When are the Discovery Days held?

Discovery days are held every Tuesday and Wednesday throughout the year; all you need to do is book.

To take part, call 0495777617 and indicate the date of your choice.

How much does the 2-year STYLIST/MODELIST course cost?

In 2024/25

  • The Fashion design diploma costs 5900 euros for the first year and 6400 euros for the 2nd year.
  • the advanced diploma in luxury, haute couture and made-to-measure is priced at 6800 euros.

The school 100% Couture of your dreams in Brussels

Establishments and diplomas not recognized by the French community of Belgium (art 14/4 paragraph1)

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