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Welcome to the website of the Brussels-based Haute Couture school La Maison de Couture. Looking for unique embroidery training in Brussels ? Our advanced diploma in Fashion design and sewing focuses on the creation and techniques of Haute Couture. The program also includes embroidery training in Brussels. This embroidery course in Brussels introduces students to needlework techniques on an embroidery loom.

la Maison de Couture offers a three-day embroidery training course in Brussels, starting in April 2024. Our embroidery training is integrated into the Fashion design and sewing diploma offered by our school. Whatever your level, beginner or more experienced, this embroidery course is for you. You don’t need to know how to sew to learn embroidery. All you need is your motivation and your desire to learn.

How does the embroidery course work?

The embroidery training course in Brussels lasts 3 days. On the first day, students can choose to learn needlepoint and Lunéville borderie (crochet), or just needlepoint. Lunéville embroidery takes a while to learn, and for some it can seem rather laborious. Nevertheless, some of our students are keen to acquire this unique embroidery technique, which enables them to create the famous embroideries on tulle that are the hallmark of Haute Couture. Depending on their choice, embroidery students will need to acquire either an embroidery loom for Lunéville crochet embroidery, or an embroidery hoop.

Our embroidery training course in Brussels is entirely dedicated to learning how to embellish evening wear or wedding dresses; what could be more refined than to have personalized hand embroidery on your wedding dress? it’s the dream of many, and it’s possible thanks to our embroidery training.


Can the embroidery course be taken independently of the diploma?

Embroidery training in Brussels is open to all. You don’t need to be enrolled in another La Maison de Couture course to take part.

Is it possible to take the course several times?

Every year, La Maison de Couture organizes an embroidery training course in Brussels. Given its very limited duration, you can easily sign up every year to improve your practice and learn new techniques. The training program is modified every year, because there are so many different techniques to choose from.

How long does it take to become a professional embroiderer?

Embroidery training in Brussels is an initiation. You can improve your skills by taking this course regularly. The secret lies in practice. To become a professional, you need to practice embroidery for several years to gain precision and speed.

Can I register for embroidery training at any time?

Registration opens in October. However, the course is limited to 10 participants. So register early.

How much does embroidery training cost?

The embroidery course in Brussels costs 300 euros for 3 days. This package does not include supplies or the embroidery loom, which must be purchased separately.

The embroidery course lasts 18 hours.

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