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Sewing training in Brussels


About us

Have you just discovered La Maison de Couture? Welcome to the website of our Brussels-based fashion school specializing in Haute Couture. la Maison de Couture is a fashion school offering top-level training in haute couture finishing. What makes our couture training program in Brussels so unique is its specialization in the finishes and skills used in Haute Couture;

Maison de Couture offers a 2-year couture course in Brussels + 1 year of specialization. Our couture training is integrated into the Fashion design and couture diploma offered by our school. This sewing course is designed for beginners. If you already have a certain level of sewing experience, you can access the 2nd year through a bridging system.

Our sewing training is organized into several modules; each course term corresponds to a module. in 1st year, the module focuses on the skirt; the sewing course teaches the skills needed to assemble skirts. And it’s the same for the following trimesters, which are organized around shirts and dresses; sewing training in Brussels teaches the skills needed to sew dresses and shirts.

Our sewing training in Brussels is accessible to beginners. However, this is not a “leisure” sewing course; the aim is not to create a personal wardrobe, but to learn a trade. This sewing training is therefore professional and requires attention and diligence.


Yes, it’s possible to take the sewing course without registering for the other courses, but in this case you’ll be making models suggested by the course leader, not your own creations.

Is it possible to obtain a certificate when taking part in the sewing course?

The school issues a certificate of course completion to all students enrolled in the sewing course. However, students are not evaluated.

What opportunities are there for sewing training?

Sewing training at La Maison de Couture is considered complete after 3 years. At the end of the sewing training program, your sewing skills will be considered expert, and you’ll be able to easily join a workshop or carry out sewing work for private customers.

Can I register for sewing training at any time?

For the first 2 years of sewing training, it’s best to register before the end of December. After this date, we will not be able to make up lessons.

For the advanced level of sewing training, you can register at the beginning of each module, i.e. at the start of each term.

Below are the prices for sewing training in Brussels:

1st year: 1,800 euros;

2nd year: 1,800 euros

3rd year: 3,600 euros.

how many hours per week?

Sewing courses last 4 hours a week in 1st and 2nd year, and 6 hours in 3rd year.

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